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Essential Commercial Fitness Equipment

Maybe you’re thinking about expanding the range of equipment your apartment or commercial building gym has available, or even considering opening up your own gym.  Thinking through the most essential commercial fitness equipment is a great place to start.  There are certain pieces of equipment that everyone expects to have available in a commercial gym setting.  You also want to make sure to balance the range of equipment to meet the needs of different styles of working out, from cardio to strength to group equipment.

How do I Get Started?

Commercial gym equipment is going to be used by people of a variety of weights and sizes.  Not only that, it’ll be under consistent use throughout the day, so it needs to be up to the demands of frequent use.  Finding manufacturers you can trust is a major part of building the confidence to know that your equipment will not only perform but last, with as little maintenance as possible.  

What are Some Commercial Fitness Brands to Consider?
Each commercial fitness brand has its own focuses, with some casting a broad net and some really specializing in a narrow area.  These brands below are a great starting point as you consider what kind of commercial fitness equipment is best for your space and clients.

  • Cybex:  For Ellipticals, Cross-trainers, Treadmills, Bikes, Rowers, and more
  • Hoist Fitness: For functional trainers, weights, weight machines, and multi-gyms
  • Vectra Fitness: For weight machines, functional trainers and multi-gyms
  • Octane Fitness:  For Ellipticals, Cross-trainers, Bikes and more
  • Stairmaster: For steppers

In the San Jose area, come by and view and test StairMaster, Cybex, Vectra, Octane, Hoist and other commercial fitness equipment at All American Fitness.

Which Commercial Equipment is Essential?  

Which equipment is most needed by your gym will depend on the kind of environment you are working to build, along with the interests of your membership.  The following categories of commercial fitness equipment are essential to providing a full gym experience in most environments.

What’s Next?
At All American Fitness, we have years of experience helping owners of San Jose commercial gym spaces of all kinds put together the right set of equipment.  Talk to us today and let us help advise you on your apartment gym, commercial building gym or other commercial fitness equipment needs today.  

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