The Master Mag indoor cycle has a smooth, quiet belt drive and comes in an oversized steel frame. The 35lb flywheel weight gives the Master GS a smooth and consistent momentum that mimics a true road bike feel. With the convenience of quick and easy adjustments of the seat, handlebars and resistance, the Master Mag delivers an intense workout without the distraction. The Master Mag features fully adjustable seat and handlebars that up/down and fore/aft. The Master Mag comes standard with a motivational and easy to read LCD console that displays calories, distance, speed and time.

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BH Indoor Cycles are designed to replicate the outdoor cycling experience. Every bike is adjustable for a personalized fit and features highly variable resistance. With high-inertia flywheels, motivating cycling computers and sturdy steel frames, BH Indoor Cycles are built to provide an enjoyable and rewarding workout experience for years to come.

  • Adjustable top down resistance with emergency brake
  • Ultra smooth, heavyweight, 35 lb Flywheel for a natural feel and consistent momentum
  • Console displays calories, distance, speed and time

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