The LK700FB is the Fan Bike with BH HIIT High Intensity Interval Training that uses Wind Resistance for optimum results. It is built to be used for Upper or Lower body workout. A variety of intensive workouts can be made using the dial to adjust airflow resistance



Displays Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, Watts, RPM and Intervals.

PolarĀ® compatible
PolarĀ® compatible. Use a polar HR chest strap to readout your HR on the display console or interact with built-in HR control programming.

Fore/Aft and Up/Down Seat Adjustment
to fit a wide range of user sizes.

Padded Sport Seat
Comfortable padded sport seat supports the user during intense exercise.

Adjustable Airflow
to the user with easy dial adjustment.

Wind Resistance
BH HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Fan Bike uses Wind Resistance as an extremely aggressive workout.

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