Commercial environments can really take a toll on the average piece of fitness equipment. Now you can have equipment that lasts without spending a small fortune. When you want unparalleled quality and durability combined with sleek styling at an affordable price the BH Fitness LK Series is right for you. With a complete line up of products your facility can look great and be user friendly.

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Self Generating
no external power required to operate the equipment. Enables flexible placement within a room without regard to power outlet location

Padded and contoured seat
a custom fit and better work out experience

LCD display
Swiveling multi-color LCD display shows your vital workout data

Long Rail Length
18.25” Rail Length for a longer seat travel

Polar® compatible
Polar® wireless HR compatible. Use a polar HR chest strap to readout your HR on the display console or interact with built-in HR control programming.

Full Swivel Display
allows for an optimal viewing angle

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