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Lift yourself with the BRT, Body ResiStabilityand Stretch trainer. Body ResiStability™ is strength training where your body is the weight stack

3 machines in 1!

The BRT is equivalent to three machines in one. It’s a pull up / dip tower, a body resistance fuctional trainer and a complete stretching station all rolled into one!

With each arm offering 7 horizontal and 15 vertical positions, you can tune the machine precisely to the exercise you want to do. As you progress, you will be able to track your progress by noting advancement in the BRT arm settings


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Body ResiStability™ strength training involves using many muscles in dynamic and coordinated movements against the weight of your own suspended body. By varying the position and angle of the body relative to gravity, Body ResiStability™ multiplies exercise variety and allows the user to change the resistance level. Traditional “against gravity” exercises have long had their roles in training. Think push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups, even stair climbing. Body ResiStability™ takes such exercises one giant step further by making the user provide the stability, in the same way that a gymnast stabilizes the rings. 
Stretching is a key component of overall fitness and health and is important for all ages. Enhanced flexibility improves sports performance, quality of life and delays many of the symptoms associated with aging. Besides simply feeling good, the benefits of stretching include increased range of motion, decreased risk of injury, and improved blood circulation, energy level, and posture. The BRT is designed to conveniently and effectively facilitate the stretching your body requires.

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