Trigger Point Foundation Collection

Trigger Point Foundation Collection


Premium equipment and instruction designed to guide anyone wanting to learn to move more freely and feel better through daily deep tissue massage.


Product Description


  • TP Massage Ball: A versatile manipulation tool featuring a firm core wrapped in cushioned material for targeted deep tissue stimulation
  • Footballer: A firm, compact roller perfectly sized for hands-free myofascial compression of the lower leg and foot
  • Baller Block: Provides elevation for optimal range of motion and application of pressure when using TriggerPoint products.  Also reduces space and houses the Footballer when not in use

You don’t need to be a professional athlete or have a degree in kinesiology to know that the ability to move one’s body freely and without pain is an essential part of maintaining a quality fitness routine. The Foundation Collection is the introduction to self-care through deep tissue massage. Designed to guide any user, this kit comes with the essential premium equipment and instruction that combines the complexity of biomechanics with the simplicity of massage into a program.

TriggerPoint offers an Education Video Portal where each Foundation Collection owner will be able to access through a personalized code provided when the Collection is purchased. The easy to follow, step-by-step instructions guide you through self-massage techniques on four key parts of the body, which include the lower leg, glut and hip, and pectoral muscle areas. Focusing on these areas allow the body to move better, and decrease muscular discomfort.

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