Why Businesses Should Have A Gym On Site

By All American Fitness | July 16, 2018

Many business owners now offer free on-site gym access to their workers. Rather than driving to a local, privately owned gym, workers can visit the appropriate floor or room in their building to exercise. So, if you’re a business owner who’s contemplating an on-site gym, consider the following benefits it offers. Increases Productivity An on-site […]

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What You Need to Know About Becoming a Regular Bike Rider

By All American Fitness | July 10, 2018

Open spaces, fresh air, a lot of sunshine and the opportunity to save fuel and burn calories as you enjoy nature are the perks that come with being a bike rider. When you are riding the bike for fun or getting to work on traffic days, you will get by just fine with the basic […]

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Everything You Need To Turn Your Garage Into A Home Gym

By All American Fitness | June 30, 2018

There’s a lot that goes into getting in shape. If you find it difficult to get to the gym on a regular basis, you may benefit from having a fitness studio in your very own house. Here are a few things you need to know about setting up a gym in your garage. Insulate the […]

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Why You Want to Go to the Gym—But You Don’t

By All American Fitness | June 11, 2018

Ever been to the gym on January 2nd? It’s a sea of people. Ok, maybe not exactly that crowded. BUT—people lifting weights, running on treadmills, and generally trying to burn off all that fruitcake and eggnog. By March, it’s a different place. The new arrivals have cleared out, and the veterans get their machines back. […]

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Why Are There So Many Different Workout Routines?

By All American Fitness | May 16, 2018

You or someone you know might be looking to start an exercise routine. However, when you search online, you’ll find that there are numerous workout plans out there. This may lead you to ask an understandable question: why are there so many different workout routines? The main reason for this is that it can depend […]

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How Early is Too Early to Get A Child Involved in Fitness

By All American Fitness | May 4, 2018

Do you feel inclined to get the children in your life into fitness from a young age? We know that instilling healthy values in a child from an early age is encouraged, but, is there an age too early? The easy answer to this question is absolutely not! The key to getting young children involved […]

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4 Tips to Make Cardio More Fun

By All American Fitness | April 12, 2018

Image Credit: Centerra We discussed before how important cardio is for heart health. Unfortunately, many people still struggle to do cardio because mindlessly plodding along on a treadmill is so boring and unpleasant. No surprise, as doing the same thing every day becomes mentally exhausting even for the most dedicated of us. You can make […]

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Why Kids Need to Be Active

By All American Fitness | March 29, 2018
Why Kids Need to Be Active

What It Means to be Skinny-Fat Several years ago, Time Magazine reported on the alarming new “skinny-fat” phenomenon. Unless a person is clearly anorexic, many people commonly equate being thin with being healthy. This is often not the case. Many young people have fast metabolisms that allow them to eat whatever they want without gaining […]

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5 Common Injuries to Avoid at the Gym

By All American Fitness | March 6, 2018

The more you work out and improve your strength and endurance, the more you can push yourself to lift heavier and train harder. Unfortunately, it’s easy to set yourself up for a workout-related injury if you’re not careful. These are five common exercise injuries, most of which can be avoided with enough care and preparation: […]

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Staying Heart Healthy

By All American Fitness | February 2, 2018

Now that January is over, gyms are getting less crowded as the effect of New Year’s Resolutions starts to subside.  However, if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re more attuned to a healthy routine than most.  Keep up the good work into February and beyond! February is Heart Health month.  Heart disease is the […]

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