3 Ways to Maintain the Colorado Lifestyle Wherever You Live

As one of the healthiest and most fit states in the nation, Colorado provides its residents with a head start in the quest to become and stay active. An abundance of outdoor recreational activities, a commitment of community leaders to provide wellness opportunities, and a population of like-minded people all contribute to Colorado’s healthy living […]

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4 Game-Changer Fitness Products to Help Relieve Post-Workout Pain

The benefits of a regular exercise plan are vast. However, along with the immense health benefits that accompany a solid workout, there also often comes the nagging post-workout pain. Here are four game-changing fitness products that can help to relieve post-workout aches and pains so that you can continue with your daily routine with ease. […]

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4 Times You Need to Focus on Hypertrophy over Strength Training

Hypertrophy is the practice of increasing the size of one’s muscles by modifying the muscle cells themselves. Strength training focuses on increasing one’s strength rather than fixating on size, often making the muscles denser. Performance360 summarizes the difference quite well with this illustration: Most people who want to get stronger or more muscular for either […]

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