Why Stretching is Important Before Working Out

Everyone knows that exercise is key to a healthy life. But before you jump on the treadmill or pump some iron, you have to spend time stretching. While people understand that stretching can improve flexibility, they might not understand the purpose behind it. Stretching can help you have a more fulfilling workout and can benefit your health.

Improves Range of Motion

If your body is flexible, you will be able to exercise even better. Your range of motion will improve, reducing joint strain and making muscle mass easier to obtain. This helps you move more freely, which has a practical benefit throughout your day-to-day life. If you are involved in a sport or other athletic program, you should be stretching.

This is especially helpful for the elderly, who can have a harder time moving their arms or legs. Some of their freedom of movement can come back if they do daily stretch exercises as they start the day.

Prevents Injury

If you frequently stretch, you are also protecting your body from potential harm. Athletics can put your body in some physically stressful situations, but developing flexible muscles can relieve you of some of these concerns. Before you work out, make sure you stretch the muscles that will be most engaged.

If you do have an injury, there are ways you can alleviate the pain and get well again. Stretching can help you regain flexibility after an injury. This is done by physical therapists, who give you daily stretch exercises that promote freedom of movement.

Helps Your Posture

One way people improperly exercise is by having poor posture. Not only does bad posture hurt your back and neck muscles, but it can also reduce the effectiveness of different exercises. Stretching gives your body and mind an opportunity to think about posture. Once you think about the alignment of your back and head, your exercises will improve.

Ask a personal trainer what stretches they recommend for workouts. Follow their suggestions. Stretching can also focus on your back and neck so they do not become overburdened. It’s a great way to release tension and keep your body prepared for anything.

If you are seeking to become a better athlete, want to get in shape, or want to move without pain, daily stretches should be your priority. They can be customized to your needs and can range in difficulty. Stretching promotes a healthy body and better awareness of your alignment—both are key in becoming a physically stronger person.

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