Get Fit and Stay Fit in the Comfort of Your Home

There’s a lot that goes into getting in shape, and keeping the barriers to entry as low as possible can help (rather than needing to drive to the gym!).  Not only that, but you get the safety and comfort of working out in your own space, and avoid dealing with potentially unsanitary conditions. Here are a few things you need to know about setting up a gym at home.

Prep your environment. 

If you’re going to be working out in your garage, you want to make sure the floor isn’t going to get damaged. You want a strong, durable type of flooring, like epoxy garage flooring. This can turn a cement floor into one that’s more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Get started with a versatile piece of equipment.

There’s probably one piece of equipment that you have your heart set on for your home gym. This may be a treadmill, barbell or resistance bands. Whatever the cornerstone of your workouts is going to be, buy that first and design the rest of your gym around it.  Make sure it’s a piece of equipment that’s versatile enough that you’ll want to use it regularly!

Buy core accessories and equipment.

Even if you plan to evolve your home gym over time, there are four basics you’ll want to start with: a plyometric box, a power rack, a medicine ball and parallettes. You can make or buy these items. If you’re going to buy them, look for secondhand items with only a little wear and tear in order to save some money.

When you have a home gym, it becomes so much easier to workout regularly. You don’t have to worry about waiting for equipment or dealing with unsanitary conditions. By transforming your garage into a gym, you’ll have a gym that you actually enjoy.

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