How Can Exercise Combat the Effects of Aging?

While getting older is a fact of life, the way that you age is something you have some control over. Aging can have a huge effect on not only the way that you look but also the way you feel. However, with proper exercise, you can get a handle on many of the side effects of growing older, and here’s how.

Chronic Pain

One of the first signs of aging that many people notice are aches and pains in places such as their backs and necks. However, although you may be tempted to write these things off as natural occurrences, you don’t have to continue to suffer. Exercises that help to elongate and stretch the muscles, such as yoga and pilates, can be great for helping to alleviate many of the aches that you may be experiencing. By maintaining a regular exercise routine, you can not only help ease your pain, but you can also eliminate it.

Improves Posture

Due to loss of muscle, a decrease in bone density, and many other factors, many people start to have a slight hunch in their walk as they get older. By building muscle and healthy bones through strength training, you can gain more strength in your core, which can help you to stand taller and look younger.

Looking Young

According to Tranont, your body produces less collagen as you age which can negatively affect your skin and hair. Hair that was once soft and black may now be wiry and gray, while skin that used to be smooth and clear may begin to wrinkle. However, if you start a program for fitness young, you can help to slow down and even prevent some of the effects of aging. With regular exercise, you can look young and even feel young since exercise helps to increase your energy levels while increasing collagen in the skin as well.

Improve Mood

Exercise boosts your mood due to the endorphins that your body releases during a workout. This chemical release is like nature’s drug because it can literally trigger feelings of pleasure and happiness. With all of the other benefits that you receive from exercising, such as good health and a younger appearance, it only makes sense that you would be much happier when you work out regularly.

Getting the proper amount of exercise is beneficial in so many ways and doesn’t require that much work. Just by being active, even for only a few minutes each day, you can increase your health and your appearance in more ways than you’d imagined.

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