What to Bring on a Long Bike Ride

When it comes to packing for a long bike ride, the things people choose to take on their trip often vary from person to person. However, it’s important to know that there are certain items every bicyclist should pack for the excursion. When it comes to taking a long bike trip, less is more, so make sure you not only have the right equipment but also the necessary items to ensure that your ride is a success. The following list entails some of these key components.


Water may be the number-one item you should consider bringing on your long bike ride. We understand that most people are aware of the need to bring water, but this commonsense notion often doesn’t go far enough or get thought through properly. When it comes to bringing water on your trip, it should not be about simply remembering to do so but also about analyzing how much you need and the type of vessel you’ll want to carry it. Riders sometimes bring only one small bottled water and think that’s enough. If you ask any experienced rider, they will tell you that anything above a 15-mile ride will often require two bottles of water. Riding in a thick forest or on a bike trail with little to no water can be a fatal mistake. Consider adding a hook-on gadget to your bike that will enable you to store plenty of water while still allowing you to move freely.

Safety Gear

As with anything, safety must always be your first priority. Understandably, riders want to feel free on the open road or traveling a bike trail. Experiencing the wind blowing against your hair might feel wonderful, but what won’t feel so great is a fractured skull. Therefore, it is highly recommended for bike riders to wear helmets when they go on these long rides. Accidents can happen, but serious damage can be prevented by wearing the proper safety gear. Something as simple as a helmet can prevent traumatic brain injury or other serious head injuries. Additional safety gear you should take into consideration includes shin guards (for forest rides) and wrist guards to protect yourself from the possibility of a broken wrist in the event of a bad fall.

Basic Repair and Maintenance Kit

During long bike rides, anything can happen to your bike from an accident to a breakdown. The fact is that you need to be prepared. Even if you’re not an expert on fixing bicycles, most common repairs can be easily done with the right tools. Therefore, we highly recommend that bicycle riders bring along a basic repair kit. 

Taking a long bike ride through the city or along a bike path can be one of the best experiences for a bicycle enthusiast. However, a few things must be taken into consideration to ensure your own well-being and the success of the trip. To begin assembling the items you’ll need, bear in mind the tips we’ve given you here.

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