Must-Have Accessories for Your E-Bike

As e-bikes become more prevalent, cyclists should learn about the various gadgets available to make their ride more enjoyable. More specifically, you should look for products that increase safety. Make these three must-have accessories a priority when shopping for items to accompany your e-bike.

Water Holder

You need water to remain hydrated, especially in hot weather. Backpacks and fanny packs require you to strap water to your body, which can cause discomfort during long rides. With a water bottle holder, a drink will always be within your reach. The cages fasten to the frame and feature easy in-and-out designs and adjustable arms for carrying water bottles ranging in size from 20 to 33 ounces. If your e-bike has a bulky or awkwardly shaped frame, it may not support a water bottle cage. In such cases, opt for an adapter that you can install on the seat or handlebars that lets you attach a water holder.

Lights and Reflectors

Statistics show that over half of all two-wheeler accidents occur at night. Oftentimes, the cyclist is cited for failure to outfit their bikes with lights and reflectors. Without these accessories, e-bikes are practically invisible in the dark. That’s why it’s important to equip your bike with active and passive lights. Not only do they serve to light your path, but they also allow drivers to see you approaching from all directions. For 360-degree illumination, install a white light on the front of your e-bike and put a flashing red light on the back. Also, add reflectors inside the spokes and on the sides of the bike to enhance driving conditions. According to Stewart J. Guss, bicyclists can also increase their visibility by wearing fluorescent or bright clothing while riding at night.


The pavement is just as hard on a 1-mile ride to the store as it is on a 20-mile commute to work. Therefore, it’s essential to wear a helmet in case of an unfortunate fall. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), you should purchase a new helmet every five to ten years. The CPSC suggests occasional replacements because sweat and other elements can cause materials to deteriorate over time, making the helmet less effective in the event of an impact. Helmets require proper storage and maintenance. Most models feature adjustable straps for a customized fit. It’s wise to opt for models with reflective strips or lights for high visibility. Experts suggest wearing the helmet one finger-width above the eyebrow and ears to keep your head fully covered without obstructing your vision. Also, make sure that you can fully open your mouth with the strap fastened around your chin to prevent the strap from falling off.

These must-have accessories not only help you stay safer on the road, but they also make it easier to ride your e-bike. Having a water bottle at your disposal helps prevent dehydration so that you don’t lose focus while riding. More importantly, lights and reflectors ensure you remain visible when maneuvering on the dark city streets, and a helmet absorbs impact in the event of a nasty fall.

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