4 More Reasons to Exercise Every Day

Everyone knows they should exercise regularly. Exercise gets your spirit elevated, your blood pumping and your heart working harder. It’s well known that exercise can help you lose weight, but what else can it do for you? The benefits you derive are numerous, but here are four things you might not have considered.

Improved Cognitive Performance

If you’re a student and need to think more clearly for a test, you might want to consider exercising beforehand. Exercising regularly can improve your brain power, which could be useful if you’re trying to remember things you’ve learned. To function properly, the brain needs lots of oxygenated blood flowing to it. Exercise helps this process to happen. According to Scientific American, exercise stimulates the creation of more mitochondria in our bodies and in our brains, which gives us more mental energy. In fact, people who exercise more throughout their lifetime will remember things more easily as older adults.

Superior Sleep

According to The Sleep Doctor, a body tired from exercising will rest more deeply and fall asleep more quickly. It’s also nice to go to bed after exercising, confident in the knowledge that you can cross your workout off your to-do list. However, when preparing for bed after exercising, pay special attention to your body temperature. While it may be tempting to take a long hot shower after a pre-bedtime workout, your body temperature actually drops around bedtime and comes up as you fall into your deepest sleep. Hot shower temperatures may actually make it harder for you to initially fall asleep and drift into the deepest, most brain-healing rest. When possible, cool your body before bed.

Disease Prevention

A logical exercise program can protect you from the ravages of many diseases. Of course, we have all heard about the risks of diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes. This illness can lead to poor circulation, heart disease and early death. According to Murphy Eye Associates, diabetes can also damage eye tissue and even lead to blindness. Experts currently indicate that a workout routine with 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise can stave off Alzheimer’s disease. Other conditions that are more likely to afflict those who are sedentary include heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Getting your body up and moving keeps your heart working efficiently. Stretching your joints and putting them to work under gentle pressure can protect them against inflammation.

Higher Productivity

According to Greatist, your daily tasks can count as exercise. There are several ways to increase the movement of your body without adding anything to your schedule. Park as far from the door of your grocery store as possible, and if you can, carry your groceries back instead of using the cart. Your walking and arm workouts will be done, and you’ll feel better for it. If you only need to go up a couple of floors in your office building, take the stairs.

If you want to improve your quality of life, exercising daily is a great way to do it. Daily exercise can protect your joints as well as your heart. Keeping your body moving is an excellent way to promote improved vitality and mental cognition. Continued exercise throughout your life will ensure that you have a better quality of life and a prolonged state of health.

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