4 Important Exercises to Fix the Damage Your Desk Job Does

You frequently hear about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. You might imagine that this is only referring to a couch potato binging television at home. Yet, your desk job also makes you sit still for hours at a time. Often, you will be seated with poor posture staring at a computer screen. If this sounds like your workplace, there are exercises you can do to stay healthy.


Walking may not seem like a serious gym exercise, yet it is one of the best things you can do if you are working at a desk. Even short walks every 30 minutes can make a difference. Walk outside on your lunch break. Walk to the restroom. As you walk, pay attention to your posture. This is an opportunity to stand up straight with your core muscles engaged.

Seated Row

Your gym is an important resource in working against the physical problems of a desk job. One of the greatest things you can do to alleviate these problems is to use a seated row machine. The seated row works traps, lats, and other muscle groups that can affect your sitting posture, which is one of the biggest contributors to office-related back pain. As you perform the exercise, try to keep your back straight, especially as you pull your arms toward you.


The plank is a very simple and helpful exercise for building core strength. Unlike pushups, that focus on the arms, the plank position is all about establishing stability around your spine. You want your body to be a straight line, without any bending or bowing in the middle. Remember to pull in your stomach muscles to fully engage your core.

Pull-up or Hang

The pull-up is a difficult exercise for many people as they start at the gym since you are lifting your own bodyweight. Some gyms have assisted pullup machines that will bear part of your weight as you work toward a full pull-up. For the sedentary worker, pull-ups or bar hangs are helpful because gravity stretches the spine vertically as you hang. This will relieve some of the compression that takes place as you sit.

Many people cannot escape sitting still at work. They may be answering phones, entering code or interpreting spreadsheets or other data. While it may give you a paycheck, it can have serious consequences on your health if you are not careful. By staying active and taking care of your body, you can have great health, even with a sedentary job.

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