How to Dress for Your Workout

When it comes to exercise, the quality of the workout is just as important as the exercise itself. That’s one of the many reasons why you should be sure to start out with the right gear. Read on for tips on how to dress properly for your next workout.

Proper Clothing

Don’t make common gym clothing mistakes. First of all, choose fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and have the ability to wick away moisture as you sweat. Stay away from cotton, which absorbs moisture, thereby causing you to feel uncomfortably wet and heavy. Ditto for any plastic- or rubber-based materials—these don’t ventilate well, so you’ll be prone to overheating.

Pants should be loose enough for comfort, but not so loose that they’ll interfere with the exercise you’ll be doing. For example, cyclists and runners will want to stay away from baggy cuffs, which could get tangled in the pedals or cause tripping hazards.

Proper Footwear

Selecting shoes that fit properly without crowding your toes can help prevent ingrown toenails. In fact, you can lessen the risk of experiencing a foot injury by wearing the correct size. Understand, however, that there may be some slight variation in size, depending on the brand. That’s why it’s especially important to choose athletic shoes in person, so you can try them on before committing to the purchase.

As always, pay attention to which activities the shoes are designed for. In addition to a comfortable toe box, running shoes should be light, springy, and well-suited to your arch type. Conversely, weight lifters will need shoes with flat soles to allow for a firm grip on the gym floor. Check with the staff at your local sports apparel shop with any questions or concerns.

Dressing for the Weather

Before your workout, consider the conditions in which you’ll be exercising. If you’re heading out into cold temps, start with an insulating layer made of moisture-wicking fabric such as polypropylene. Dress in layers on top of that, so you can remove outerwear as you work up a sweat. For hot weather, both shorts and tank tops are acceptable, as long as they’re made of a comfortable wicking fabric, and not one of the “no-no’s” listed above.

The best exercise routines always begin with a positive attitude and the proper gear. Following the steps outlined above will help to ensure that you reap the maximum benefit from your next workout.

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