What’s the Best Fitness Equipment for Swimmers?

If you’ve ever looked at the bodies of Olympic swimmers, you’ll notice that they are trim and muscular. Swimming is a fantastic way to work out. You can enhance your workout even more by incorporating certain equipment. Here are six tools that you can use to enhance your swimming workouts:


Incorporating a kickboard into your swimming workout helps provide more focus. By placing it in front of your head, you can work on your stomach muscles, hips and legs. By isolating specific muscles, it gives you the ability to strengthen that area. Runners will even crosstrain with a kickboard because it works so well.

Pace Clock

Just like running, it is beneficial for you to swim by breaking it down into time intervals. By using a pace clock, you can swim a certain number of yards in a specific amount of time. This gives you a baseline, which you can work to improve. The number of laps that you swim should be based on your strength and endurance.

Swim Spas

Swim spas allow you to engage in a full-body low-impact workout routine without the need for a full-sized indoor pool. It works by creating resistance waves that stop your progress forward as you swim against the waves. You also benefit by not having to constantly turn around at each end of the pool. A swim spa keeps you placed right in the middle.


Like a kickboard, fins will also isolate specific muscles in your legs when you swim with them. However, you use these on your feet, which provides you with the opportunity to create faster locomotion through the water. Due to their weight, it’s not easy to use fins on a consistent basis. However, this will help increase the muscle strength in your legs.

Swim Parachute

The purpose of a swim parachute is to create resistance and additional drag when you are swimming. You can use one with all types of different strokes. To use this in your swimming routine, you attach a nylon belt to your waist, which helps drag the swim parachute behind you as you move through the pool.

Resistance Socks

This piece of equipment is similar to a swim parachute as it provides resistance when you use it while swimming. However, these are worn around your feet. When you kick your feet in the water, these produce drag, which will make your leg muscles work harder.

Consider using one or more of these tools during your next swimming session, especially if you are trying to isolate and build strength in certain muscle groups.
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