3 Ways You Can Make Sure Lost Weight Stays Lost

The obesity epidemic is one of the greatest health challenges facing the world today. Weight gain contributes to many other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Extra weight also takes away your energy and can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Many people can lose weight temporarily, but they struggle to keep it off. Here are three suggestions for keeping your weight loss permanent.

Find Active Activities That You Like

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, but not all activities are enjoyed by all people. Some people love team sports because of the social interaction. Other people prefer to work out alone. Some people can run for miles on a treadmill listening to their favorite music or a good book. Other people get bored with the same routine. A key to staying active is finding activities that you enjoy. 8Fit explains that variety is also important. If you can find three or four different activities, you are less likely to get bored and walk away from them.

Increase Satiety

Even more than activity, health is tied to what you eat. It takes most people twenty minutes of exercise to burn 100 calories, an amount you can consume in a few seconds. You will not be able to keep weight off if you are not paying attention to your food intake. On the other hand, diets that are too restrictive leave you hungry and more tempted to cheat or binge. Xyngular explains that over 90% of diets fail, so you want to be sure that you create one that is permanent and suited to your lifestyle and body.

Choose to Move

When it comes to exercise and burning calories, most people think about time set aside specifically for exercise. However, there are small changes you can make that can help you burn calories without thinking about it. Parking further away from your destination will force you to walk a little bit more. Taking the stairs rather than an elevator gives you a burst of cardio-vascular exercise. You can also take a 15-minute walking coffee break instead of sitting still. If your business has an on site gym, you could take part of your lunch break to work out, even if it’s not an intense workout, it’s better than what you would be doing otherwise! These minor changes can add up to a much larger number of calories burned in a day.

Losing weight is a challenging journey for most people. There are so many tempting foods and so many signals that encourage excess eating. Once you have worked hard to lose weight, a few small changes can help you keep it off for a healthy life.

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