3 Low-Key Workouts for People with Limited Mobility

Just because you lack a full range of motion and mobility does not mean you have to give up a regular exercise routine. There are a variety of exercises that are ideal for those looking to stay in shape despite being limited in their physical abilities. Here are three low-key workouts that are perfect for those individuals who are experiencing low mobility issues:


Cycling is one of the most popular cardiovascular exercises available to those people with low mobility issues. Because it is such a low-impact form of exercise, cycling can be done with little fear of causing damage to the joints. Cycling can be done easily at home or in a gym with an exercise bike. Participants can choose the speed, resistance, and incline, making indoor cycling an extremely versatile and customizable exercise. Because it is highly unlikely to cause any major injuries while using a stationary bike, cycling is an activity that can be performed for a lifetime.

Chair Yoga

There is a myriad of reasons as to why an individual may be experiencing low mobility. Whether the reason is an injury, an illness, or just the natural aging process, yoga is an ideal exercise designed to strengthen muscles while also improving your overall mental well-being. Chair yoga is a great way for seniors to exercise if they still want to work out but lack the mobility to do so. Although chair yoga was originally designed for seniors because of their limited mobility, the exercises can be done by anybody looking to practice yoga from the sitting position. If positioning yourself on the floor for traditional yoga is too challenging, chair yoga will likely be a great alternative.

Weight Training

Many types of weight training exercises can be done from a sitting position. Strength training is extremely important in maintaining balance and guarding against bone density loss. Seated exercises can strengthen both the lower and upper extremities. A pair of lightweight dumbbells and resistance bands are a good place to get started. Lightweight medicine balls can also be used to strengthen the upper body.

With a little creativity and perseverance, even those with limited mobility will find that they can get in a challenging and effective workout. By adjusting the exercises to your skill level and overall fitness aptitude, you can ensure that you remain active and healthy no matter what limitations life may throw your way.

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