Why Businesses Should Have A Gym On Site

Many business owners now offer free on-site gym access to their workers. Rather than driving to a local, privately owned gym, workers can visit the appropriate floor or room in their building to exercise. So, if you’re a business owner who’s contemplating an on-site gym, consider the following benefits it offers.

Increases Productivity

An on-site gym promotes increased productivity in workers. One study conducted by researchers from Bristol University in the United Kingdom found that workers were 21 percent more productive on days during which they worked out. Exercise stimulates blood flow, increases energy levels and fights fatigue, all of which yields increased productivity in the workplace.

Promotes Health and Wellness

Of course, an on-site gym also promotes health and wellness in workers. Only about 33 percent of U.S. adults get the recommended amount of exercise, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Unfortunately, this lack of exercise contributes to diseases like obesity, diabetes, arthritis and more. And when a worker develops one or more of these diseases, it may force him or her to call out, forcing you to find a replacement.

Lowers Workers’ Comp Costs

While creating and maintaining a gym on site costs money, you should view it as an investment. Since it promotes health and wellness, a gym will reduce the number of on-site injuries sustained by employees, thereby lowering workers’ compensation costs. This is important because statistics show that a single claim can cost employers up to $50,000, and that’s only in direct costs. When accounting for indirect costs, it’s $105,000.

Fosters a Positive Company Culture

Offering workers free access to an on-site gym promotes a positive company culture. It shows workers that you care about their health and happiness. As a result, they’ll view your company in a more positive light.

Reduces Stress

Finally, workers will reap the benefits of lower stress levels when given access to an on-site gym. Exercise is one of the best drug-free remedies for chronic stress. It releases stress-fighting hormones like oxytocin, allowing workers to feel calmer. When a worker is stressed, he or she can visit the gym to cool off steam.

Not all workplaces have the space for a gym. Assuming you have the space, though, you should consider an on-site gym. It’s a smart investment that will increase productivity levels, promote health and wellness in workers, lower workers’ compensation costs, and more.



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