Why You Want to Go to the Gym—But You Don’t

Ever been to the gym on January 2nd?

It’s a sea of people.

Ok, maybe not exactly that crowded.

BUT—people lifting weights, running on treadmills, and generally trying to burn off all that fruitcake and eggnog.

By March, it’s a different place. The new arrivals have cleared out, and the veterans get their machines back.

What’s the difference between those people who stick with it, and those who don’t?

It’s not inherent capability.

It all comes down to human psychology and physiology.

In the book Willpower, author Roy Baumeister argues that willpower is a finite resource.

As we make decisions throughout the day, we burn through willpower.

So those tenacious souls at the gym who are pounding pavement at 6pm after a long workday?  They’ve managed their energy tightly, or have super-refined habits.  It’s impressive, no doubt, and for some of us, it’s the right path.

For the rest of us, we want to LOWER the hurdles to exercise as much as possible.

Just like if we don’t want to eat junk food, we need to get it rid of it.

In this case, if a pain point is getting in the car and driving to the gym after a long day, we can fight it or we can remove the obstacle.

That’s the beauty of home fitness equipment.  It doesn’t have to entirely replace your gym membership, and it doesn’t have to have every option under the sun.

It’s all about removing resistance to build your habit of working out.  Making it TOO EASY to say no to.  Making it TOO VISIBLE too ignore, because it’s in your office or bedroom, reminding you that you haven’t gotten your heart rate up today.

If you’re not getting to the gym as much as you’d like, stop guilt-tripping yourself!

Instead—just remove the obstacle.

Not sure where to start?  For an effective & affordable at-home cardio workout, check out our range of Indoor Cycles.

Best of luck on your journey to exercise consistency!

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