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5 Tips to Maintain Your Fitness Equipment

Save money and increase the life of your fitness equipment by giving periodic attention and care to its maintenance.  The following tips can help you extend the life of your equipment:

  1. Buy Quality Equipment:  Purchasing quality equipment in the first place that’s built to last is the best preventative care measure you can take.  The components used by leading fitness equipment manufacturers can stand up to more wear and tear than lower-end products.  An investment up front can save you headaches and premature replacement down the line.
  2. Keep it Clean:  Regular cleaning goes a long way. Keeping dust and dirt away from any moving parts in your equipment can help extend the life of your equipment’s motor. Focus on cleaning all exposed areas of your equipment, except on areas where using cleaning solution could degrade the equipment’s functionality.  (For example, don’t use cleaning solution on your treadmill’s belt.  This can degrade the treadmill’s lubrication system).  Clean the console and covers of all equipment.
  3. Mind the Belt:  Watch the performance of your treadmill belt and the drive belt on ellipticals.  Monitor the tension and tracking of your treadmill belt, and for drive belts ensure the belt is centered and check it for tightness.  Periodically, you may need to replace these belts as they degrade from wear and tear.
  4. Watch the Pedals:  Regularly clean and lubricate the pedal shaft of exercise bikes and similar equipment.
  5. Protect Your Equipment: Reduce the possibility of an electricity surge affecting your equipment by using a surge protector on any outlets your equipment is plugged into.  If you have a treadmill on top of carpet flooring, placing a rubber mat underneath your treadmill can help keep the fibers from your carpet away from your treadmill.

Have a treadmill?  Ask us about our treadmill maintenance kits, with everything you need to extend the working life of your treadmill on your own.

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