200RW Console



The 200RW is a full size rowing machine utilizing magnetic resistance for an intense workout. With its full size aluminum rail and long handle pull, the 200RW can accommodate a wide variety of user sizes. Using an easy to read backlit LCD console with a wide variety of programs and resistance levels, the 200RW features a folding design for easy storage when not in use.

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Product Description

Space Saving Design

Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine with Space Saving Folding Design for Easy Storage

Large, Swivel LCD Display

Large Blue Backlit LCD with Swivel Display for Optimal Viewing Angle

Wireless HR Strap Included

Wireless Heart Rate Receiver with Chest Strap Included

Program Variety

17 preset programs provide a wide variety of workout options

Resistance Levels

16 levels of electronically controlled magnetic resistance give a wide range of workout intensities.

Ergonomic Design

Padded Rowing Bar with 35” of Seat Travel and 62” of Handle Travel to Accommodate Most User Sizes

Heavyweight Flywheel

Ultra Smooth 13lb Flywheel for consistent momentum.

Elevated Rail

Elevated Seat and Rail for Easy Ingress/Egress

Easy Slide Seat

Easy Slide Seat on a 52” Aluminum Rail Allows for Maximum Comfort

Easy to Store, Easy to Use

Transportation wheels allows for easy storage between workouts.

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