Product Code: WB-FTD16

The New Functional Trainer Deluxe is an expanded version of the original Functional Trainer. Due to it’s new design, the load capacity has been increased. It’s new load capacity can be maximized to 1,000 lbs. The system delivers extraordinary performance. The Twin Tower Structure has been designed to provide users easy, efficient and safe access.The new design allows for the Functional Trainer to be upgraded with Two Stack Weight Systems. The combination of the Easy Load Slide Rods and Cable System provide precise gliding and smooth operation. It also features Ring Stoppers designed to stop the weight carriage from traveling to undesirable distances.

Product Description

Two Weight Stack Plate Options!
*Optional 190 lbs. Weight Stack Plates available as an Add-On for the Functional Trainer Deluxe. Can Bring the Weight Resistance Capacity to 500 lbs. Per Side to a Total of 1,000 lbs.

COLOR: Black



L-W-H inches : 51.9×69.2×82.3

Weight Capacity Max loads lbs: Chin up bars 400lbs ; Carriage/Cable 500lbs.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: (All accessories are in black only)

WB-UB16-Workbench Utility Bench-$399

WS-190-190 LB Weight Stack Set-$350


Additional Information