Balance Training has several levels of benefits. Fundamentally, it can enable a better quality of life (a better sense of balance is associated with fewer falls and injuries). When learning a new sport or activity, balance training can shorten the learning curve. At the top end, elite athletes can gain a competitive edge in refining their balance skills. The problem with most existing balance products is that they’re either static, or provide a limited range of motion. Life isn’t static. The focus of this product is to create training tools which provide a wider range of movement, and better replicate real-life movements. The goal of this product is to enable motions more closely associated with the way our bodies move, in balance sports and in everyday living.

Product Description

System Includes: Deck, 8.8 lb. Med Ball, Workout DVD & Poster
User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Movements: Side to side weight shifts, Toe-side and heel-side turns.
Benefits: Develops dynamic balance skills. Strengthens legs and core.
Features: Harder ball provides faster movements. Bumper protects both the deck and the floor.

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