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Product Code: WB-LST16

One of the best and most effective classic strength systems on the market is being offered as a stand-alone LeverGym™. Powertec is introducing the LeverGym™ Tower ONLY as a system you can grow with, build and accessorize as needed. The Levergym Tower, like the full size Levergym System, offers Isolateral Lever Press Arms and the versatility of a Cable-Pulley system.

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Product Code: WB-LT016

The Lat Tower Option features easy load slide rods which allow quick and easy access, precise gliding and smooth operation. The system features new ring stoppers designed to stop the weight carriage from traveling to undesirable distances. The Lat Tower Option compliments your home gym equipment as it expands and adds a wide variety of exercises. The Lat Tower Option will connect to: WB-PR16, WB-HR16 and WB-RS16.

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Product Code: L-SC16

The Perfect Motion:

By setting the foot plate at the correct angle and properly positioning the weight plate load, all stress and pressure is taken off the lower back and knees. The resistance focused totally on the thighs to drive the motion.

Start/Stop Handle:
An innovative slide handle bar is incorporated that allows the user to start and stop the exercise in the top position. There is also a fixed safety stop position built in.

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Product Coide: L-CDA+16

The Counterbalance Advantage

This machine provides reverse assisted resistance to allow for the user to perform a Dip, Chin up, Squat or Crunch. 4 great exercises that workout the entire body. By loading weight on the lever it acts to counterbalance your own body weight thus allowing for full range of motion and perfect repetitions.

Swivel Chin Up Bar

In addition to the horizontal and neutral grips, the chin up section also includes a swivel straight bar that allows for close grip access to train the biceps.
* Weights sold separately


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Product Code:  WB-LS16

The WB-LS16 Workbench LeverGym® features a newly designed workbench, bench frame. it allows users to adjust the seating area by sliding the seat assembly on it’s sealed bearings carriage. The new backrest can be adjusted at different settings and still provide added stability. The isolateral arms can be used independently or locked together and be used as conventional bench press arms.

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Product Code:  WB-MS16

For 2016 Powertec introduces the WB-MS16 Workbench Multisystem featuring a “Newly Designed Workbench and Lever Squat and Calf Stations”. This is in addition to it’s unique “Isolateral Arms”.

The New Workbench – Bench Press Station features a Newly Designed Bench Frame. Now users can adjust the seating area by sliding the Seat Assembly on it’s Sealed Bearings Carriage. The New Backrest can be adjusted at different settings and still provide added stability. The Isolateral Arms can be used independently or locked together and be used as Conventional Bench Press Arms.

The Squat / Calf Station features a new design Shoulder Pad Frame. It provides comfort and a much needed shoulder and upper back support while the Foot Plate offers a wider standing surface area.

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