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Vectra Fitness On-Line 1450

  • This compact corner unit offers Big Gym functionality while taking up a miniscule 6′ x 6′ of floor space.
  • includes 160 lbs weight stack
  • Length: 5’6″   Width:5’9″   Height: 6’6″ – 6’11”
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  • This revolutionary design offers two completely different training disciplines on the same machine, featuring fixed weight and free weight benefits.
  • Fixed or Free weight selection system
  • includes 210 lbs weight stack
  • Length: 8’0″   Width: 9’1″   Height 6’6″ – 6’11”
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VECTRA FITNESS BRT Body ResiStability / Stretch Trainer

  • Lift yourself with the BRT, Body ResiStability™ and Stretch trainer. Body ResiStability™ is strength training where your body is the weight stack!
  • Length: 4’5″   Width: 4’2″   Height: 7’5″ (7’10” for pull ups)
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VECTRA FITNESS VFT-100 Functional Trainer

  • This machine gives you all the functionality that barbells and dumbbell exercises provide, and more. It offers unmatched ease of use and versatility in the functional trainer category. The VFT-100 is capable of adapting as your exercise and training demands change.
  • includes 160 lbs weight stack
  • Length: 6’7″   Width: 4’0″   Height: 6’6″ – 6’10”
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VECTRA FITNESS VX-FT 2 Functional Trainer

  • American made innovation and commercial construction. Twice as many arm positions, requiring half the adjustments relative to other products in this catagory. Body ResiStability mutliples exercise options.
  • Length: 5’0″   Width: 3’8″   Height: 7’3″
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VECTRA FITNESS VX-DC Assisted Chin / Dip Machine

  • The Vectra VX-DC is a modular dual station machine that joins our award winning family of Series VX multi-station gyms and functional trainers.
  • Length: 4’3″   Width: 3’8″   Height: 6’8″ – 7’11”
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VECTRA FITNESS VX-11 Leg Press w/ Arm station

  • The VX-11 is a sturdy addition to any exercise room, whether used as a freestanding unit or as a modular component with most Series VX machines. The four exercises on the VX-11 are leg press, calf press, preacher curl and triceps extension.
  • Includes 210 lbs. weight stack and option kit
  • Length: 5’11”   Width: 3’5″   Height: 5’11”
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  • The VX-18 Multi gym continues to set the standard for single stack weight machines in both commercial gym and home gym settings.
  • Single 210lbs weight stack
  • Length: 6’0″   Width: 9’5″   Height:6’11”
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VECTRA FITNESS VX-28 Two-Stack, Multi-Gym

  • The VX-28 brings a full commerical quality health club workout into your home gym and can be used by two people at the same time.
  • 2 X 210lbs weight stacks
  • Length: 8’6″   Width: 9’5″   Height: 6’11”
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VECTRA FITNESS VX-38 Multi-Stack Powerhouse

  • The VX-38 continues to set the standard for multi stack, multi station weight machines. This unit is ideally suited for multiple users in a home or institutional setting.
  • 3 X 210lbs weight stacks
  • Length: 7’5″   Width: 8’7″   Height: 6’11”
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VECTRA FITNESS VX-48 Multi-Stack Multi-Gym

  • The VX-48 Multi Stack, Multi gym is the ultimate 4 stack weight machine.
  • 4 X 210lbs. weight stacks
  • Length: 9’11”   Width: 8’7″   Height: 6’11”
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VECTRA FITNESS VX-FT 1 Stack Functional Trainer


The planet’s most versatile functional trainer.

Comes with 210 lbs. weight stack

Length: 5′-3″   Width: 4′-0″   Height: 7′-3″

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