Exercises for Varicose Veins

5 Fitness Tips for those who Suffer from Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged, distorted veins that appear visibly in the skin. According to Ivein Vein Center, varicose veins affect 60% of the American population. The causes are linked to obesity, pregnancy, bodily injury and heredity. Preventing varicose veins is possible with a proper diet and exercise. Here are 5 fitness tips that are proven […]

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San Jose Octane Fitness Zero Runner Dealer

Octane Fitness: Why Zero Runner is the Ultimate Choice

Beyond ellipticals Octane Fitness has for years provided superb elliptical machines.  But it was with the release of the zero-impact Zero Runner that they really hit their stride.  While for many people a standard elliptical will continue to be a great fit for their goals, anyone considering an elliptical machine today should consider a zero-impact […]

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Vectra Fitness, San Jose Dealer

Vectra Fitness: Innovative Fitness Concepts

Made in the USA Vectra Fitness has been around since 1987, and was founded by mechanical engineers passionate about bringing strong engineering principles to equipment design.  Over the years, a record of innovative engineering has resulted in 30 patents being issued to Vectra designs.  Made in the USA and focused on home gyms, commercial gyms, […]

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San Jose StairMaster dealers

StairMaster: The Workout You Love to Hate

Iconic Fitness Equipment Since 1983, StairMaster has been an iconic series of fitness equipment for both commercial and home use, known for intense effort but also for notable results.  Specializing in cardio workout equipment, StairMaster also produces strength equipment including dumbbells.  Over the years, the equipment has come a long way.  Today, the state-of-the-art StairMaster […]

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