Recover with Foam Rolling

Courtesy of Prism Fitness Group

You know the feeling. You workout hard and you are SORE! In fact, your muscles are so sore that athletic performance suffers. What can do you? The answer is simple and inexpensive – use a foam roller.

A small study examined foam rolling and its impact on soreness and performance. Participants performed two workouts, four weeks apart. Both groups did 10 sets of 10 reps of back squats using 60% of their 1-rep maximum. One group used a foam roller for 20-minutes immediately following exercise, 24 hours after exercise, and 48 hours after exercise. The other group did not use a foam roller at all.

Researchers measured:

  • The pressure-pain threshold
  • Sprint speed (30-m sprint time)
  • Power (broad-jump distance)
  • Change-of-direction speed (T-test)
  • Dynamic strength-endurance

Researchers report the group using the foam roller experienced reduced symptoms of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This group also experienced decreased performance decrements associated with DOMS.

The study concludes using a foam roller for 20-minutes immediately following exercise, as well as the next two days, can help with soreness and performance losses.

The Smart Roller, like all of our self-guided fitness equipment, has exercises printed on the surface so you’re never left wondering, “what to do”. It’s light-weight and portable… a smart choice for a variety of settings including home gyms, commercial gyms, apartment complexes, and hotel fitness centers.

Feel better and perform better by rolling away the soreness!