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Octane Fitness: Why Zero Runner is the Ultimate Choice

Beyond ellipticals
Octane Fitness has for years provided superb elliptical machines.  But it was with the release of the zero-impact Zero Runner that they really hit their stride.  While for many people a standard elliptical will continue to be a great fit for their goals, anyone considering an elliptical machine today should consider a zero-impact solution like the ZR7 Zero Runner or ZR8 Zero Runner.  

Zero-impact, high-intensity
On the cutting edge of zero-impact running, the ZR8 has enhanced performance features, allowing you to feel as if you’re actually running–replicating that same motion–without the impact on your joints, and the wear that causes over time.  The design allows for no friction, just a smooth running motion.  Play with resistance levels and pace to create a workout that’s customized to your needs and fitness goals.  And get your technology fix with a slick LCD display offering multiple fitness programs, and Bluetooth connectivity, linking with apps, music and more.  

The “non-elliptical” elliptical
The Zero Runner is in an odd category: not quite an elliptical, it’s a unique solution that lives in the space between ellipticals and treadmills.  Think of it as a “running simulator.”  You can closely mimic the running motion with options on how long each stride is.  Select the longest stride for a workout the most resembles running; choose the shortest stride for a workout that’s closer to walking or stepping.  The Zero Runner is also different from standard ellipticals in that it’s self-powered: unlike a treadmill or an elliptical where you select a program and it pulls you along, the Zero Runner lets you set the tempo with your own stride, and the pace that you’re running.

San Jose’s Trusted Octane Fitness Zero Runner Dealer

Come by our San Jose showroom to learn more!  All American Fitness is San Jose’s trusted Octane Fitness Zero Runner dealer.  Our store and showroom is located at 1223 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126.  The only way to know if this is the right equipment for you is to give it a try yourself!  Our experts are happy to talk you through the pros and cons of the Zero Runner vs a traditional elliptical, and help you consider which might be right for you.  Come by or give us a call at 408.293.9966!