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Vectra Fitness: Innovative Fitness Concepts

Made in the USA
Vectra Fitness has been around since 1987, and was founded by mechanical engineers passionate about bringing strong engineering principles to equipment design.  Over the years, a record of innovative engineering has resulted in 30 patents being issued to Vectra designs.  Made in the USA and focused on home gyms, commercial gyms, and functional trainers, Vectra is a market leader for space-efficient equipment that lets you pack significant function into a small area, whether in your home or your commercial gym.

Functional Training, Explained
If you’ve done any amount of research on Vectra, you’ll see the term “functional training” mentioned frequently.  Functional training describes the process whereby muscles are trained to work together in a holistic way.  From the core muscles of the torso to the hips, shoulders and spine, functional training helps balance your body and muscles for a variety of real-world situations.  Here are some things to take into account as you plan a functional training regimen:

  1. Make it Relevant:  A functional training plan that’s helpful needs to be relevant to your daily life and activities.  If you’re a competitive cyclist, you may not necessarily want to spend all your time on upper-body workouts.  Think through your goals and physical activities you’re involved in, and consider where you want to build strength before embarking on a functional training exercise plan.
  2. Different Planes:  A key component of functional training is integrating different parts of the body and different muscle groups in a holistic exercise program.  
  3. Rotation of Exercises:  Consider rotating exercises so you’re not putting too much strain on any one group of muscles or body parts in consecutive workouts.

Equipment Highlight

Vectra Fitness VX-FT 2 Functional Trainer.  Features Vectra’s Body ResiStability™ which provides multiple variations of the exercises you can do, and also allows you to change the resistance level. The VX-FT 2 is commercial-grade, delivering smooth operation with components like polished guide rods, ball bearings, and precision machined weight stacks.


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