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StairMaster: The Workout You Love to Hate

Iconic Fitness Equipment
Since 1983, StairMaster has been an iconic series of fitness equipment for both commercial and home use, known for intense effort but also for notable results.  Specializing in cardio workout equipment, StairMaster also produces strength equipment including dumbbells.  Over the years, the equipment has come a long way.  Today, the state-of-the-art StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet has a 15” touch screen that can not only interact with widely-used applications like Map My Fitness, but can allow users to climb landmarks from around the world like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and the Taj Mahal.

“The Workout You Love to Hate”
StairMaster prides itself in being “the workout you love to hate” because while the equipment demands significant effort, many users have also seen strong results from the cardio effort put in.  In addition to the built-in challenges like climbing the Statue of Liberty, there are endless variations in StairMaster workouts to try.  Here are a few ideas for workouts:

  1. Vary it up:  Doing the same motion for 45 minutes can get dull.  Try mixing up your StairMaster workout routines by doing multiple steps at a time, or by walking laterally.  Find ways to make it interesting and remember, you’re on your way to an incredible workout!
  2. Change the speed:  Walking uphill is a challenging workout on your body, but remember- start slow, ramp up, and cool down.  You’ll also want to consider varying the speed during the “ramp up” phase of your workout by creating intervals: short bursts of high-intensity activity, followed by periods of slower speed for recuperation.  Like any exercise, you want to pace yourself, but also remember that proper management of speed goes a long way toward finding the perfect balance between keeping your heart rate up, and preserving your energy.
  3. Get creative:  This article from Organic Authority provides a long list of ideas for mixing up your StairMaster workout with totally unique approaches, including jump squats, reverse climbs, sprints and cross-overs.  Borrow from other workout routines until you’ve found one that hits the sweet spot for you!

San Jose’s StairMaster Dealers

Are you in San Jose, wanting to learn more about StairMaster and maybe even try some equipment out?  Our store and showroom is located at 1223 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126.  At All American Fitness, we’re happy to talk you through every aspect of the equipment, and let you test out anything you’d like in person to see if it’s actually a good fit for you and your style – and doesn’t just look good on paper.  We carry the StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet, the StairMaster Stepmill 3, and the StairMaster Twistlock Dumbbells.   See our StairMaster page for any recently added products.  We know that more important than anything is for you to feel comfortable with the equipment that you’re putting in your home.  We’re here to help make that happen, or to help you find equipment that better suits your specific needs.  Come by or give us a call at 408.293.9966!