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Holiday Fitness Gift Guide

Here we are: it’s the holiday season again!  Each year at the holidays, it can be a struggle to find gifts for those friends and family members who are hard to shop for.  As the sedentary dinners, desserts and drinks over the holidays give way to new year’s resolutions, consider giving a gift that will help promote health and well-being.  Here are some great holiday fitness gift options, from stocking-stuffers all the way to full-scale exercise equipment.

What should I look for in a holiday fitness gift?
Think about the person you’re buying the gift for.  Do they have a regular exercise habit already?  Or rather, are they trying to jump-start a new fitness habit?  Anyone who’s been to a gym in January knows they can be packed at the beginning of the year.  But often, they begin to taper off as the new year gets to be further in the rearview mirror.  Keeping this in mind when shopping for a holiday gift can ensure your recipient gets the maximum value out of their fitness gear.  

Home fitness equipment is perfect for aspiring fitness aficionados

For beginners: For those friends and loved ones who are just dipping their toes in the water, here’s a list of equipment that can be great for those starting off.  Easy to store, lower-intensity, easy to do on a regular basis.  

  • Aeromat Fitness Ball: The classic versatile beginner’s tool.  Great for stretching exercises, rehabilitation, ab exercises and more.  
  • Aeromat Wobble Board:  A fun way to stay fit!  For home, the office, and on the road.  Increases balance, coordination, and range of motion.  
  • Inmovement Integrate Desk Pedals:  Counteract the negative effects of sitting with Integrate Desk Pedals.  A portable elliptical stepper that keeps your legs engaged while sitting or standing.

For fitness pros:  If they’re serious and and ready to form their new habit, it may be time to upgrade that older, well-loved equipment to something more modern.

  • Teeter Inversion & Chin-up Rack:  Unlike many chin-up racks, this one places your body away from the doorframe to allow an increased range of motion, and also allows inverted stretching.
  • Horizon Fitness Folding Treadmill: Incredible value!  Folding treadmill is easy to use and easy to store.  Unique quiet motor.  
  • Schwinn Airdyne Ad Pro Bike:  One of our most popular items.  Get a total body cardio workout with this advanced bike with air-resistance technology.

Stocking stuffers:  Looking for something smaller that can help add to your gift recipient’s fitness routine?  Consider one of these smaller “stocking stuffer” fitness gifts.

Or, let your recipients choose for themselves!
With an All American Fitness gift certificate, you empower your recipient to come into our San Jose fitness equipment store and test out equipment to see what feels like the best fit.  Through December 24th only, get a $100 gift certificate with your purchase of $1,000 worth of equipment (see details).  Or, call us today to arrange a gift certificate in your preferred denomination.